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20 01 2018

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Written by Amy Monkhouse   
26 03 2010
ImageThe Pipettes are back with a brand new album, due for release in June, after reaching number 41 in the uk charts with their debut album "We Are the Pipettes." The new album, although still being fun and filled with pop goodness, seems just the tiniest bit more mature. Floatation Suite caught up with the band to find out their musical tastes, influences and what will be going on on the forthcoming gigs...

FS: Were there any bands or artists that inspired you when you were younger?
TP: When I was younger, there was a lot of traditional Irish music being played everywhere. We are both Irish dancers and so we heard a LOT of reels and jigs, folk songs when socializing at dancing competitions and our parents listened to bands like The Chieftains and The Dubliners at home. Pretty Irish for a Welsh girl! The uplifting and sometimes eerie but beautiful nature of Irish folk has left a lasting impression. My Mum has been in a socialist street choir for over twenty five years and so we heard a lot of protest songs growing up.

FS: How about now? Which current bands inspire you?
TP: I like anything with a bit of guts and focus. It's important to stick to your guns, to take advice but not compromise what you are. Music like that really stands out. Oh, and also all great pop music.
FS: Does it feel strange being in a band with your sister? Are you close to each other?
TP: Oh no, it's not strange at all. We've always sang together and we live together too. We annoy each other but we are also best friends.
FS: We've used Pipettes in science classes at school - did you choose the name to suggest your sound and image was experimental?
TP: It was a bit of an experiment and It was also a take on sixties girlgroup names (The Ronettes etc)
FS: The clothes you wear are young and fun, just like your music - do you have any style icons?
TP: Not really, I just wear what I like. I think if you're confident enough you can wear most things and carry them off. It's always better to wear what suits you rather than what suits those who grace the covers of magazines, we all know that.
FS: Do you think your songs and image represent your personality?
TP: Not in a contrived way I'd hope, it's inevitable when you write songs that it reflects your personality in some way. Our image represents our music and so I guess it's all a reflection of ourselves really.
FS: What do you miss most about England when you're on international tours?
TP: Our spontaneous British weather, everyone loves a good random rain pour now and again!
FS: Is it tougher for girls on the road than it is for boys?
TP: Girls have higher standards of personal hygiene, let's put it that way...!
FS: Your music video for "Judy" looked like a comic - do you like to read comics or manga?
TP: I don't read either though I've read a couple of graphic novels. Some of the boys in the band LOVE comics and one in particular is learning to draw manga... you know who you are!
FS: Apparently you are mates with Mark Ronson, and have been on stage with him and stuff - is there any prospect of you working together in the future?
TP: He was a fan of the band and asked us to join him on tour for a few dates. It was a lot of fun and we'd love to do it again but I think musically we're veering in slightly different directions these days and so no prospects in the near future but you never know.
FS: The band's line up has gone through quite a lot of changes since it first formed in 2003 - do you ever get worried that people won't like newer members as much as the original line up?
TP: Change is inevitable. There would have been changes regardless of the line up and you can't always please everyone. We're doing what we love and what we really believe in and you can only hope that people will like it, we like it!
FS: What's on your rider for the gigs for your forthcoming tour?
TP: Pink and yellow (ham and cheese), water and wine.
FS: What's the best - Christmas or your birthday?
TP: My birthday please

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