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18 02 2018

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Written by Holden Caulfield   
03 07 2010
ImageWell, it's that time of the year again. Festival season is upon us, so dig out your wellies, practice putting your tent up in your back garden, and prepare yourself for a season of great British festivals. Throughout the summer, Floatation Suite will be keeping you posted on the best events over the next few months, from Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the best small festival around, Kendal Calling. Recently, we caught up with Yan Scott Wilkinson from indie four-piece British Sea Power to chat about their plans for this year's Kendal Calling.

You've played Kendal Calling before, what is your best KC memory?

The first year we headlined the big tent in the park by Abbotts Hall, where I used to do harmless naughty things occasionally involving cider. I remember looking out from the stage and seeing Martin (from the band) up the central pole and thinking that it was funny.

Tell us about the sold out Tan Hill festival you just promoted in Britain's highest pub! Were the revelers well behaved?

Some of the revelers were well behaved and some suffered a kind of bonfire fever. It was pretty cold, but I saw more bands than I did last time at Glastonbury. The electric shocks on the last night when we had a power cut on stage remains a fairly vivid memory as well as the ensuing mid-gig break filled triumphantly by six year old louis' first drum experiment.

There's a pretty big line up at the festival this year - will you be looking out for anyone else's sets?

I d like to see the wild beasts and probably The Coral, because I saw half a set of there's once and it was very good.

Do you prefer performing at big scale outdoor festivals or more intimate indoor club shows?

I like the outdoor festivals that have a good atmosphere like Green Man and Kendal calling. It's dangerous though - I once had a flashback at a Glastonbury show and with all the grubby crowds and flags and what not, I thought I was in the Lord of the Rings or something. Luckily King Arthur turned up and it was a good one.
How do you think indie music has changed over the past decade? How do you feel your music has evolved?

Well, beneath indie's graceful style switch to the 80s, it's still essentially the same kind of people doing the same kinds of things. Oh, and those new doppelganger types that look like indie bands but have just been trained to pass themselves off as such. I don't know if I'm the right person to ask as I judge music on its compatibility with driving and high scoring on Mario Kart.
What is the craziest thing a fan has done?

Female self masturbation whilst dancing in crowd, I reckon. If a man did that he'd be in either be in big trouble or a dogger or both, but people just gave her space.

The Lake District is a beautiful backdrop for a festival, where will we find you at dawn?

I don't really know...

What bands did you aspire to when you were starting out and have you met them?

I sat next to Frank Black in Japan whilst he ate noodles. He seemed to really be enjoying them so I never said hello, but it was still quite good fun. The Pixies were my favourite band for many, many years whilst I was at school.

British Sea Power will be returning to their home town for Kendal Calling on the 29th July. They support Sunday's headliners The Coral as the
Mercury Prize winners help bring this year's festival to a close. If you want to see British Sea Power, The Coral, Calvin Harris, Doves and many more, day tickets for Kendal Calling are available from the link below:


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