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18 02 2018

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Written by Emma Howe   
18 09 2010

ImageFollowing the release of debut album Tourist History in March, Two Door Cinema Club's first offering has been a self confessed ‘slow burner'. With the re-release of the album due next month, this live tour is the trio's best opportunity to turn that slow burner into a must have for any indie/synth fans collection. I got a chance to catch up with Alex, Kev and Sam in their Dorrito filled dressing room before the gig, and get their thoughts on everything from their busiest year to date, to lead singer Alex's resemblance to Queen Of The Stoneage's Josh Homme.

Q: Is this your first time in the Toon?

Kev: No, No this is probably our third, we supported a band in their UK tour here (Sam laughs)

Q: Can't you remember who it was

Kev: No its just a little embarrassing

(Alex enters the room)

Q: So...its your third time, what do you think of the city?

Kev: The city's really nice. We've got a lot of friends who study here so it's always good gigs


Q: For anybody new to Two Door Cinema Club, how would you sum up you sound in 3 words?

Alex: Pop, Fun, Great

(Alex immediately looks like he regrets the third word and laughs)


Q: What do you think separates you from the current indie pack out there?

Alex: It's different to any other band that's out there at the minute. We've combined a lot of different styles, it's more interesting, there's a lot of shit indie bands around, and I think were more interesting.

Q: Who are the main influences on the band's sound?

Alex: Everything. We listened to a lot of Death Cab for Cutie and Bloc Party when we started. But we all have our own inspirations. I like Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel, we all like something different.

Q: You guys have had a pretty hectic year since the release of the album in March. What would you say was your highlight of 2010 so far?

Kev: This venue today (laughing)

Alex: Just the entire year has been amazing. There's been a few things that are better than others but it's all been amazing.

Sam: I think it's been nice that we've had a couple of first times, first time in America, first time in Australia.

Kev: Yeh that was cool going so far away from home. Like Sam said we got to do some of America in an old school van, got to see Asia too.

Q: Your album has been received really well by the critics. Have you been pleased by the reaction?

Sam: Like we knew it was a good album, we wouldn't have released it if we didn't think so, it's just great that other people agree with us.

Alex: We worked really hard on it, and at the same time we didn't have a lot of money for a big campaign and other bands coming out did have that so it was a surprise that it got picked up.

Kev: It was kind of frustrating that other bands could get a billboard, but I think it worked in our favour.

Alex: Yeh I'm so glad we did it that way though. I wouldn't like somebody coming in and telling us what to do.

Q: So any thoughts on a second album?

Alex: It's always in the back of our minds. Right now we are just focussing on this one and touring it until probably early next year.

Sam: Were actually re-releasing this album. I think its next month. We'll probably just keep re-releasing this one over and over (laughing).

Kev: Were playing new songs tonight actually.

Alex: I think yeh, midway through next year we'll sit down and really think about it.

Q: Your live performances have been described as tight! Where do you think you get that taughtness from?

(In unison and laughing): Tight!

Alex: Practice. We've been together for so long and we know each other so well. It's a funny thing to say but if you know people really well, that can really shine through when we play together. We spend 24/7 together every day and have done for the past few years.

Q: Ever want to kill each other?

Kev: Oh yeh, but you just learn to deal with it. When we first started we played a lot and toured. We always set out with an emphasis to be a really good live band first and then progress into the studio.

Q: So in terms of live performance who do you admire?

Sam: We've kinda been really lucky this summer playing so many festivals, the Pheonix are super-tight and we've seen the Strokes for the first time.

Kev: Beyonce was amazing (chuckling).

Alex: I thought the Queens of the Stoneage were incredible.

Q: You actually remind me of him a little

Alex: Because I'm ginger maybe?

Kev: Yeh, he's a lot bigger though

Q: Who were you guys rooting for, for the Mercury Prize this year?

Kev: I thought The Villagers were going to win

Alex: Laura Marling or The Foals, there the two I would have wanted to win. I think The XX is a good album but I don't know if it quite merited the prize.

Kev: I think it's pretty original.

Alex: It's not original!

Kev: At the moment it is. Well nobody else is doing anything like that.

Alex: It's a brilliant album, it's a bit of a throw back.

Sam: Are the Mercury's not a bit shit to begin with though? I read it's just a way of picking up sales in the summer anyways.

Q: Back to you guys....Which track do you most enjoy performing live?

Alex: For me it's ‘What You Know' and it's been that way since we written it pretty much, it's always been my favourite song.

Q: How has having an actual drummer on stage impacted your live performances?

Kev: It's had a massive impact. We always wanted the live show to be so much fuller and broader and have a bit more depth to it. We were trying to play it like a rock show but we couldn't with a laptop, so it's added another dimension to us live. I don' think we could ever go back.

Alex: It feels more live

Q: How will that impact your next album?

Alex: Well we had both on the last album. I think we would do the same again. We just messed around and had fun on this album, experimenting with different things.

Kev: I don't think that we would have a permanent drummer though.

Q: So you won't be adding to the trio then?

Kev: Never say never.

Alex: If the right person came along. But the three of us have been together for so long it's hard to bring that outside influence in.

So with the likes of Leeds and Glastonbury under your belts, what is it about venues like tonight that still gets you excited?

Alex: I'm loving it! It' nice after playing festivals all summer, to get back to your own fans, it's exciting.

Sam: It's cool to tour with your own album.

Kev: Yeh it's been a slow burner but obviously that's what were going for (laughing).

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