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18 02 2018

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Written by Emma Howe   
18 01 2011
ImageWith the eagerly anticipated release of debut single ‘Painting Stations' due out February  21st, Vinyl Jacket is a band wetting the lips of industry experts and critics up and down the country. With recent exposure on Radio 1's Chris Moyles unsigned competition and regular play by Tom Robinson of BBC6 Music, the lads have made a cracking start to the year. A hometown appearance supporting fellow northerners ‘Little Comets' is confirmed for February followed by a single release tour in April. This really should be the year that a band with an already established reputation for ferocious energy on stage and revitalizing music, proves that the attention they are so regularly receiving is no hype, but deserving praise of their unyielding promise. 

As one of an ever-growing cluster of North East bands currently making an impact further afield, it was about time Floatation Suite caught up with Geordie boys Sam, Jack, Andrew, David and Ben before they explode all over 2011. 

So obviously you guys are just about ready to smash it in 2011 and show everyone the Vinyl Jacket way, but what are you guys doing in the real, normal, average person world at the minute?

Jack's doing his final year of school, Ben's studying Marketing at Lancaster Uni, Andy is studying Physics at Manchester Uni, David's working at Procter and Gamble as an accountant and I'm running a tea business with my 2 brothers.

Ooba normal then! Let's get back to the possibly more exciting Vinyl Jacket bubble. What have you guys been up to recently and what can we look forward to in the near future?

We have our debut single getting released on the 21st of February called 'Painting Stations' which you can pre-order at http://vinyljacket.bandcamp.com/ . Last week we introduced it to the webular world by releasing our video which is very silly indeed and it was mint fun doing. It's going to be released on independent label 'The Calico Print' set up by the main man and our manager Bob Allan to who we owe great thanks. Bob is God!!. Just last week we featured on Chris Moyle's radio 1 show. We were 1 of 4 bands who had a clip of one of our tracks played by the radio 1 team. They then decided a winner and the winner got to be a part of the next week's playlist .We didn't win but the exposure we got was incredible and it was sweet to be a part of it, we didn't cry ourselves to sleep or anything....honestly!

So 'Bob the God' has obviously played a big part in developing Vinyl Jacket! How did you meet and build this ever so loving relationship?

We met Bob through Generator. It's a great organisation and we couldn't be more thankful for the help they have given us. When we started we got a three track EP ready and basically rang up Generator to ask for some advice on how to get it out there. They were brilliant, they just told us to come in, they welcomed us with a great brew and gave sound no-nonsense advice.....and also opinions on the three track EP. Generator put on some great gigs to help bands like us. The Transmission gig they put on yearly at the Discovery Museums 'Great Hall' was a great step for us. It was attended by Tom Robinson (BBC6), Bob Fischer (BBC tees) and one of the Chapman Family who gave comments and advice after each band played their set. Fortunately we got great comments and Tom Robinson has especially supported us ever since. So massive props to Generator! 

So obviously building networks and relationships has been really important for you guys! How do you feel about the relationship between bands in the region?

This was something we were all talking about the other week actually. It has really surprised us how helpful and supportive other bands are and have been. From posting links on their social networking sites to wanting to help us when we had an injury to our guitarist, I'll cut a long story short.... basically, Andy see's himself as a bit of a Mike Tyson and regularly shadow boxes in front of the mirror tweaking his technique. On one of his shadow boxing evenings, he actually punched the mirror and severed a tendon, thus putting him out of action for a few months. This meant he was going to miss the Transmission gig, so we frantically pleaded for someone to step in for Andy. The response we got from bands in and around was unbelievable. The amount of help offered was so great to see. Eventually it was Mr Stu Walkinshaw from the Grandfather Birds that helped us out and learned the set in a very short time indeed. In conclusion, the relationship between bands in the area is fantaka!

How about your aims for 2011, apart from removing all mirrors from Andy's dressing room?

Keep gigging as much as is possible when we have uni, work and school. Definitely keep on with the writing, we actually have a few more tracks coming everyone's way in the not-too-distant future which will be very nice. We are supporting Little Comets on the 26th of Feb which we are really looking forward to!! We have our single release tour from the 15th of April to the 24th, well I think they are the dates???? We just can't wait to get out there and spread the Vinyl Jacket word. We would love to do as many festivals as we can as well so we're busy applying for them at the minute!

Finally, you guys have stormed your way into the ears and minds of a lot of music folk in the country pretty sharpish! What advice would your wise young heads give to up and coming bands? 

Graft hard both with practising and promoting yourselves. It is all about the graft. Just practise hard getting tight and people will appreciate that. Even if some people don't necessarily like your music, if you are tight then you have done all you can. Make the use of the t'internet with facebook, soundcloud, myspace, bandcamp etc etc. The amount of interest you can drum up from those sites is incredible. Don't be shy to ask things and get out there. Ring people up, ask bands for support slots and network your bottom off. Most importantly for us, if you can try and get yourself a manager who you trust and can actually get things done then we highly recommend that. They can give you an "outsiders" opinion on important things, sometimes as a band you can get so involved with something you lose the significance and meaning of it. Having an outside head whose opinion you respect is so vital!
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