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18 02 2018

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Written by Nic Wright   
19 09 2011
ImageSince their formation in early 2010, Newcastle alt-pop band have been drumming up support across the North East live circuit, garnering impressive reviews along the way. Their five-track EP was given a limited edition release earlier this year, and following its success the band have decided to make it available online.

As well as making the record available to fresh ears, the band are also keen to move on to pastures new, as singer James Clarke told Manifesto recently; "The EP was recorded in January and we've moved on considerably as a band since then. We're still completely proud of the EP and that's why we wanted to get it online, before we record the next."

ImageHaving been beavering away at new material for the past few months, the band are about to take to the road on their first nationwide tour. 'The Red Kite Tour 2011' will see My Other Life take to cities from Edinburgh to Cambridge, armed with new tracks and a new-found unrestrained attitude; "We're all totally excited for the tour and cannot wait to test out the new material," says James. "We've found it easier to write together recently, sometimes we'll come out of rehearsals with a full song and wonder where it came from. I think we're taking more risks in the new songs, there's more energy and a view to making people dance and feel good. I'm curious to see how some of the more "out there" ideas will go down."

Although the tour coincides with the digital release, the band are admirably keener to be visiting new places and meeting new people than racking up the sales.  "As a band we hope to gain new fans from the live shows and raise awareness of who we are through the radio sessions we've got lined up during the tour," James maintains. "Half the battle is being heard." Noted for their impassioned live shows on their home turf, the band's motivations for going on tour should ensure that punters far and wide will be treated to the same sort of performance, which will no doubt win them countless new fans; "More than anything this tour is a chance for us lads to have a laugh, play the new stuff to new people in different ‘scenes'."

Unusually, it's not the strange, far-flung venues of the tour that have the band's nerves on edge. Two homecoming shows at the end of the run will bring them back to the North East, one of which, at central Newcastle's Barkollo, will be an acoustic session. And it's this stripped back performance that's got James jittery. "Honestly, feeling nervous about it right now," he says. "We've wanted to create a real acoustic set rather than just play the usual songs a little quieter, for us that means making something that connects emotionally."


While the bearing of souls is nothing unfamiliar for My Other Life, often credited for their heartfelt lyrics, James hopes that the new reposeful arrangement is something that their audience will relate to. "Most of the lyrics in the acoustic set are personal to me and I'm hoping that will connect. We're still experimenting with the set-up, different percussion, bassist on guitar in places, things like that. It'll be a completely different side to us hopefully we'll do more."

The band will be in good company on the road, having rallied some top bands to support them as they take their show around the country. "A while back we were playing Regal Rooms in London and saw a band called The May Birds, who were just bloody amazing!" gushes James. "We've seen a guy called Dan McClew live in South Shields, he does wonderful things with a loop pedal and Natasha Haws is joining us at Barkollo, we're really looking forward to seeing her live. We selected bands we truly love and know our fans will love them too."

While sharing the stage with other great bands and winning new admirers might be their short term goal, My Other Life are also looking ahead to the future, more specifically a future with label backing, and lots of wellies; "A year from now we would like to be in a decent studio recording our first full length album hopefully funded by a label. There's a chance we're playing Don Valley Stadium in 2012 as part of a festival, so if we pull that off we'll be dead chuffed! More festivals next year too."


Stadium gigs may well be on the cards for a band that've so far drawn comparisons to acts such as Keane, The Script and Ben Folds. Although you won't be seeing any diva-esque 'remove all the red M&Ms' sort of behaviour from these boys; "wouldn't mind a case of red-bull and a cheese sandwich at each gig. I'm pretty easily pleased. If money was no object for the next tour, I'd love one of those huge American Winnebago tour bus things, filled with unusual instruments and a fully stocked bar."

Well you never do know what the future holds.

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