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18 02 2018

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Written by Floatation Suite   
09 11 2011
ImageHello. You hold in your eyes, and shortly ears, the very first in what will hopefully be a long running feature, the Floatation Suite podcast. It's a collection of 10 tracks that we're really enjoying at the moment and can be streamed here. If you have music that you'd like to be featured on the next podcast, drop us a friendly line here. For now though here's a little guide to your first Floatation Suite podcast. Enjoy.

ImageGuillemots - Walk The River

The opening track on the first Floatation Suite podcast is also the opening, and title, track on the third album by the eccentric, and multicultural, Guillemots. Walk The River is a moody, sprawling ambitious opener packed with haunting percussion, melancholic melodies and atmospheric vocals. "Walk the river, like a hunted animal" Fyfe sings in a chorus that's as memorable as it is haunting. Read our interview with Arista from the band here. Guillemots are touring the UK throughout November. For more information about the band, and links to buy tickets for the shows, check their website here.

ImageEllie Lawson - Lost Without You
Lost Without You is the first single to be taken from South London Singer-Songwriter Ellie Lawson 'Lost Without You EP.' The EP's title track is three and a half minutes of sweet, cascading melodies that wash over you, as Lawson showcases her distinctive vocals and unique knack of penning an upbeat, pop ditty.  Having made her name in America after a successful appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, Ellie is returning home to try and make a name for herself in the UK. Billboard Magazine described her music as "the perfect marriage of melody, rhythm and words." Expect to hear more from Ellie in the coming months.

ImageField Music - (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing
Sunderland's own, and Floatation Suite favourites, Field Music mark their return with this, the first track to be taken from their forthcoming fourth album Plumb. Recorded over the course of 2011, at their new studio on the banks of the river Wear in hometown Sunderland, the album largely abandons the classic songwriting conventions embraced on their 2010 double album 'Field Music (Measure)' and instead remodels the modular, fragmented style of the first two Field Music albums. In a stark contrast to 2010'a double album 'Field Music (Measure)', Plumb squeezes 15 tracks of lovingly hand crafted, synth-rock madness into a succinct 35 minutes. (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing', can now be streamed and downloaded from their website at www.field-music.co.uk.

ImageDon Scannell - Mystery
The debut single from Irishman Don Scannell is a fascinating piece of work. Like a cross between David Gray and Jose Gonzalez, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma then wrapped in a luscious harmony and wonderfully layered and accomplished piece of music, it's beautiful, heart warming piece of ethereal brilliance. Mystery is the lead single taken from Don's debut album Three Silver Pieces  and will be released on December 5th, while you're waiting for it check out the interesting, if not slightly terrifying, video for the track here.

ImageDiefenbaker - Got the Enzyme
Any band that takes their name from the part dog, part wolf from Canadian crime drama series Due South is alright by me, and, so, here is the latest track from Baltimore-based Diefenbaker. Got the Enzyme is an energetic slab of enthusiastic post-punk, lo fi awesomeness, mixed with new wave over a base of Britpop and American alt-rock. The track is almost reminiscent of mid 90's Sunderland post punkers Kenickie. You can download the track from Diefenbaker's bandcamp page here.

ImageB>E>A>K - Pecky Bird
Everyone's favoured feathered friends return with this, the latest instalment in The Life of Birds download series. Pecky Bird is an intense piece of soaring, trumpet tweeting, instrumental brilliance squashed into a hectic  two and half minutes. Throughout its six year life span, B>E>A>K has played host to members of This Aint Vegas, Field Music, Razmatazz Lorry Excitement, Maximo Park and Coal Train to name just a handful. In that time B>E>A>K have been generating anticipation and excitement amongst gig goers up and down the country. Download The Yellow Edition, the second release in the aptly titled The Life of Birds download series, from B>E>A>K's bandcamp page here.

ImageLiz Green - Midnight Blues
The least exotic thing about tragi-comic pop artist Liz Green is her name. According to family lore the twenty-eight year old Green is descended from a Liverpool line that includes executioners and rag and bone men. It's at least certain that she carries on an ancestral tradition of storytelling. Midnight Blues demonstrates Green's songwriting abilities and vocal prowess, showcasing her "unique and distinctly British take on the blues" (Mojo). It describes a typical night out when it reaches tipping point; "I was trying to evoke that hazy three-in-the-morning feeling at a house party when everything's gone slightly wrong throughout the night" explains Liz.

ImageThe Lake Poets - Windowsill
Sunderland born Martin Longstaff makes his second appearance on this here Floatation Suite podcast. His first manifestation coming under the guise of his sax squawking alter ego, The Raven, as part of birdy collective B>E>A>K. Here Martin reverts to his, almost, day job with his Lake Poets. Windowsill is a beautiful and soulful tale of girl just watching as the world goes by from her windowsill. This is a live version taken from the popular The Tunstall Hill Sessions. You can download the debut demo from The Lake Poets, recorded in and around the City of Sunderland in North East England, from here.

ImageTorgny (feat. Maria Due) - Dying Hipster
Norwegian native Torgny, Torgny K. Amdam to his mother, recently released the Oslo, 31. August EP, his musical contribution to the Cannes Film Festival-debuted film ‘Oslo, August 31st' (dir. Joachin Trier). Dying Hipster is the opening track from that EP. Lending heavily from the dark side of 80's pop, mixing ice cold beats with the haunting, hypnotic and heavenly vocals from Marie Due. Oslo, 31. August EP is available as a digital EP through Telemachus. The film ‘Oslo, August 31st' made its UK premiere on Nov 4th.

ImageMint Julep - Why Don't We
Based in Portland, Oregon, Keith and Hollie Kenniff are the husband-and-wife team behind the sublime Mint Julep. Why Don't We is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album, Save Your Season. Mint Julep make lustrous modern pop, which is wistful and mellifluous yet simultaneously powerful, with Why Don't We being a prime example of their luscious wonderment. ‘Save Your Season' - the debut UK album will be released on November 21st through the newly launched independent label Village Green. Check out the intriguing video for Why Don't We here.

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