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18 02 2018

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Written by Nial Coulter   
06 12 2012
SRWhen I was ten years old, I didn't have a care in the world. Some might say that over twenty years later, I still carry that laissez-faire mentality. It is perhaps no coincidence that my taste in music has influenced my attitude to life whilst growing up.


Let me take you back to November 1989. There I was, sat in front of the telly with the video player ready to go. It was time for Top of the Pops and I took great cause in recording my favourite tracks on VHS. This meant that I could turn my TV into some kind of prehistoric iPad by loading a video of my favourite songs at any time. Check me.

On that particular evening, I was looking forward to watching a performance by a band I had heard on the chart show only the weekend before. This band was called The Stone Roses and they had just hit the Top 40 with ‘Fools Gold'. I couldn't understand a word Ian Brown was signing, but the riffs and the drum beats had me hooked. I wanted Reni's hat. I wanted Ian Brown's haircut. Even now, when Mani's bass intro kicks in, I'm there. Maybe Paul McKenna got me the night before with some form of hypnosis that triggers something in my brain to react whenever I hear it. Even the eight minute version never tires.

Back in a time when my music collection consisted of a handful of ex-chart singles bought in the Woolworth's 49p bargain bin and Now Dance 89 on double cassette, this was finally a band I had discovered on my own; a band that would influence many that became the Britpop and the soundtrack to a teenage life. Little did I realise the bands this song would lead me to love: The Happy Mondays; Primal Scream; The Charlatans then ultimately my teenage years collating CDs and vinyl from the Britpop era and the likes of Oasis, Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass et al. I even had a sense of musicality when I relocated to Manchester, such was the iconic linking of the Stone Roses and Oasis with the Hacienda, City and United.

Then, finally, on 29th June 2012 I saw The Stone Roses live for the first time at Heaton Park in Manchester. In just over twenty years, I had come full circle. I was that ten year old kid once more, waiting to listen to my favourite band play the song that started it all off for me. The Stone Roses' debut album remains my favourite of all time yet ironically ‘Fools Gold' doesn't feature on it.

So ‘Fools Gold' - I thank you. Thank you for catalysing my musical collection. Thank you for soundtracking my life. Thank you for the haircuts and the drawer of Reni hats. Thank you for making me sound like I was a really cool ten year old, when in fact all I did was collect Panini stickers, kick a football and love a good tune.

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