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20 01 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
01 11 2013

Image This is the second album from Beady Eye, and you can tell they've taken their time to put this together. The soft melodies mixed with Liam Gallagher's new toned voice really take the band away from their much talked about Oasis days and their debut album ‘Different Gears Still Speeding', with BE giving them a unique identity far away from what they're usually associated with.

It's always easy to write a band off after a disappointing debut album because you had the feeling they were just trying their best to carry on with Oasis just with a different name. However, through this album they've managed to strip themselves away from their previous incarnation and start afresh, which has allowed them to explore a new path in rock n roll music.


The acoustic sounds in Soul Love and Start Anew almost come as a bit of a shock to listeners because Liam has always been known for his big anthem records such as Live Forever and Morning Glory. But now the singer seems to have realised maybe his voice hasn't got the ability to blast those hits out any more, and this is an example of beautiful work from producer Dave Siket who has stripped Liam of the effects on his voice to give a much purer, natural sound.


The album includes 15 tracks all which have different elements such as Flick Of The Finger that kicks the LP off and includes a political speech at the end - this is a strange thing to include, however, it sets the rest of the album up as being different and almost unexpected.


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