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20 01 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
17 11 2013
Image Former X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw, has come a long way since he auditioned on the ITV show in 2010 - with an album already to his name. 

But now, Aiden is set to release some new tracks with an EP.
The self-titled EP is set to be released later this month on November 26, although he has already released three tracks for us to have a sneaky listen too...

The first track off the EP is called Satisfy Me, and starts off with a very powerful yet slow electronic beat, followed by calming and hypnotic lyrics which keep the tempo the same. But the measured build up allows for a short rap which acts as a pivot for the song to change its dynamics completely. 

So in contrast to the first song, the second one entitled The Cleaner was written by Dimitri Tikovoi and Aiden himself. As a consequence of the record produced the chemistry is obvious between them as they've managed to pull together a track which is contemporary to the core. However, the two haven't failed to include a heavy bass which provokes memories of the great Joy Division and New Order.

While the third song, Fire & Ice is a very hypnotic song which possesses well crafted lyrics. These simple lyrics are emphasised by a slow methodical electronic beat that captures the moment within an instance of the coming together of fire and ice.

Keep an eye out for the EP later this month, however, in the mean time you can follow Aiden on twitter @aiden!

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