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20 01 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
16 06 2014
ImageSpanning just over 16 minutes this four track EP is drenched in passion and a deafening sense of purpose. The folk themed acoustic chords really plug away at the tender sides of melodic and harmonious music.

The EP's title track ‘Your baby' is a sharp acoustic song that combines a slow downbeat melody with hazy vocals. While the third track ‘You Should Be Feeling This Elliott', follows on from the first track whereby the fuzzy vocals are twinned with beautifully crafted chords. However, a real soulful side of Brighton-based singer Jinnwoo really comes through to allow the song to blossom. 

There's a lot sincerity in the lyrics and ‘Solo Man' is not exception as this simple tune takes you on an slow emotional journey.

The EP ends with an amazing tune, ‘Sorrysong' because if you turn down the acoustic element to practically a distant sound you are left with Jinnwoo's unique voice sparkling in what is a song that'll haunt you with its droning backing beat. 

It's an enticing four track record which sends out bold messages through the intense tangible string of notes. ‘Your Baby' is out today (June 16), to download it, click here

Your Baby EP Tracklisting:
1. ‘Your Baby' (prod. Young Montana?
2. ‘Solo Man' (prod. Gerry Diver, additional vocals Alasdair Roberts)
3. ‘You Should Be Feeling This Elliott' (prod. Noah Georgeson, additional vocals Kyla La Grange)
4. ‘Sorrysong' (prod. Weikie, additional vocals Caroline Weeks

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