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21 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
20 06 2014
ImageLet me introduce you to Danny Rowland who is pleased to announce ‘Space Daze' as his debut album on his solo project, that he wrote in an impressive 12 days. Now, some may call him a failure because he tried to write a song a day for a month, but stopped after 12 days because he already had enough to parade around this belter of an album.

In any debut LP you want to greet the world with your best shot and leave in the palm of your hand, wanting more and calling your name. Space Daze is an alluring piece of artwork that has a very stagnant beat; more of less throughout the light and wonderfully crafted acoustic chords which allow the electric twangs to blossom.

It's evident from the word go, ‘Woke Up In Summer', at first you are hit with a soft maraca beat combined with keyboard keys and a delicate acoustic rhythm. The tune really sets the theme of a bright atmospheric LP what'll burns throughout and Danny Rowland's whispery voice only helps to enhance that. 

But ‘The Voice of Stranger's' explores more of a soulful side to Rowland's voice with a real sketchy feel. The pastel like images that fill my mind change into a more thicker substance in, ‘Line Up On The Solstice' which has so many striking resemblances to the opening track but it's slightly bolder, however, the acoustic edge makes it easily listening.

The hushed vocals draw on the prettier side of life in this upbeat indie pop record, that harbours such tangible beats you can almost feel the waves running up to your toes, just imagine that feeling...

There are no blasts, no thrills, just melodic tunes that are very rhythmic and harmonious. The light and airy ambiance simmers with the slide guitars and Rowland's voice which provokes comparisons to Benjamin Francis Leftwich's voice. 

‘It Becomes Silent' is tight nit tune with a rigid beat that Rowland uses as a transition tune  to help the LP open up from upfront music to having music with more of a kick. While ‘Going Out' maintains the tightly pulled strings, however, mixes this with keyboard keys.

But take away the electronic twangs you are left with a cloudless tune that flourishes with ‘I know tomorrow'. The contrast is amazing how one tune can be as finely cut as that and then ‘Kill Me', that had a deep base before dispersing into a million and one different colours with a soft, harmless vocals saying ‘Kill Me', which isn't an order or a request before you ask.

Just as you think you've heard it all you forget Rowland began experimenting with tunes from the age of 13 and, ‘Close The Curtains' definitely has that feel from the general LP theme. Its an electric guitar driven song with a backing acoustic beat - a first for this LP however, just to leave you with a calming song ‘The Fireflies are Gone' is a slick number with delightful chords. 

Space Daze is an a clean and airy LP with an array of tunes perfect for sitting in the sun at your ideal location as you watch the world go past. That warm bliss summer's heat that we don't get in the UK...

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