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21 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
23 07 2014
Image‘Hold On' is 1 in Five's exquisite debut EP which goes a hell of a long way to showing off the bands depth of knowledge within the music industry. With over 10 years music experience between each member, the four-piece band have been able to draw on a host of feelings to expertly craft these four exhilarating tracks, which really look to push all boundaries.

Interestingly at a first glance we are greeted with heavy guitar riffs combined with atmospheric melodies. But the deeper lying messages lie in the hard hitting lyrics, which speak strong political messages that also explore emotions such as love, loss and redemption. 

Based in Brighton the EP kicks off with ‘Something In The Water', which is filled with chunky riffs that create a vibrant rhythm for singer Jay to fuse his raw voice with some beautiful harmonies that are strikingly like The Doors and Deep Purple. 

And ‘Black Lake' continues that trend. Built on the ground with big bold brazen chords, fluid keys and a powerful voice to match, the sharpness really comes to the floor with its rough tones and great changes in volume.

With a rather spooky start to the EP's title track ‘Hold On', a strong riff harbours the striking lyrics that expose life and all its faults. It's a powerful emotive track where nothing is left to be desired.

While ‘Lullaby' closes the EP, it's not exactly your usual lullaby as it holds the same full blooded feel as ‘Hold On'. It's gutsy and rounds off a captivating EP which ends in beautiful fashion with a guitar solo leaving you hanging on the strings crying for more. 

It'll be interesting to see what this band do next as their rough edged style is unique and quite contemporary. It seems that nowadays people like bands who aren't as polished off, and 1 in Five could be just the band people are looking for if you are a fan of the British rock music scene. 


The EP was released on July 21 and you can check it out here
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