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20 01 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
02 07 2014
ImageGeorge Ezra has made his mark on the world for sure with his debut album ‘Wanted On Voyage'.

Its a simple and rather naive statement to make in many respects because so to have many artists in the past. First of all it takes a lot to be noticed, while it also takes a lot to achieve a certain amount of continued success. 

‘Wanted On Voyage' displays all the right characteristics to show us exactly why George is a shining light in music. His voice stands alone as being different while his acoustic guitar is plucked beautifully in the ‘Listen to the Man' and ‘Did You Hear the Rain?'

It's an LP that makes me realise why Jake Bugg has reached the lofty heights he has. Bugg's soft folkal voice is unique to anyone else in the scene and George has exactly the same quality. 

Ezra's whole hearted voice displays an array of alluring tones which really come to the floor in hit singles ‘Budapest' and ‘Blame It On Me'.

Watch ‘Budapest' here

A lot of people around the world can play the guitar but what makes George special is that this 16 track LP really greats beneath the surface of just scraping the surface of blues, folk and a splash of pop sounds to his voice that strikes obvious comparisons with the legendary figures of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Dylan is a folk hero but like George his vocals make him stand alone untouched in the field of folk stardom and that is also similar to blues guitarist Pete Molinari. 

‘Wanted On Voyage' is a sumptuous 16 track album that explores a lot about George's life. Its mesmerising and one of the best breakthrough LP's you are likely to hear in 2014, so make sure you don't miss out. 

George has also recently announced a UK tour in October so make sure if you want tickets you get them asap as some shows have already sold out.

Get your copy of ‘Wanted On Voyage' here.
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