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21 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
04 08 2014
ImageHaving teased fans with an EP ‘SEXBEAT 014', this band has gradually risen in stature and that has reflected in their music... 

Eagulls is an LP fuelled with hatred, a statement that life isn't good and that the contemporary way of life is fucking shit. It's clear from the word go, ‘Nerve Endings'. Their screaming vocals are Sex Pistols esque and that is very significant to the post-punk era which was built and survived until this day on rage, while ‘Hollow Visions' infiltrates Joy Division's deep striking bass line.

Ian Curtis comes to mind when trying to describe lead singer, George Mitchell as his screams makes it an emotive 10 track LP with spine tingling vocals, smart jangles, throbbing bass lines with truth reverberate throughout the record especially in ‘Yellow Eyes' and arguably the best track on the LP ‘Tough Love'.

It's a tune with an intense guitar start that's joined with a cool bass line almost in fitting New Order fashion, twinned with Mitchell's voice it spells an alluring listen.

‘Possessed' is an eerie number with a swallowing sound that is drowned out by the deep vocals, it seems like it's been ripped off a mix-tape recording, while ‘Footsteps' have an energetic bass line that feds in the psychedelic vocals. 

‘Fester/Blister' then follows on with yet more hatred on life. It's a whole-hearted number about what life is if you don't do anything. Then ‘Opaque' screams shoegaze elements mixed in with fist-pumping harmonies. The album closes with a five minute ‘Soulless Youth' which sums up everything about Eagulls and what they represent. It's a dig at the young people of the world which is combined with intense guitar chords and thick drums.  

This post punk have been able to roll the years back with their music to create a real strong late 70s early 80s feel which ironically represents the likes of the Sex Pistols and Joy Division, with softer edges similar to that of The Smiths with the beautifully crafted riffs, in the opening track ‘Nerve Endings' and ‘Tough Luck'. 

01. Nerve Endings 
02. Hollow Visions 
03. Yellow Eyes 
04. Tough Luck 
05. Amber Veins 
06. Possessed 
07. Footsteps
08. Fester / Blister 
09. Opaque 
10. Soulless Youth

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