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20 01 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
26 08 2014
ImageFollowing on from our ‘How Good Was It' EP review yesterday, Floatation Suite has decided to follow that up with another review today (August 26), this time with their fourth album ‘Concrete Love.

The signs looked good with the release of the LP's single ‘Summer'. Its bulky beat was met with Liam Fray's charming voice; however, sadly this album has failed to live up to that kind of level I first expected after hearing that single.

In many ways Liam himself has fallen foul of his own rather cocky admission by saying ‘I wrote it in five minutes' and clearly whether he felt that was something to boast about or not it's kind of clear ‘Concrete Love' has been rushed. 

Looking back at the band's previous three albums ‘St Jude', ‘Falcon' and ‘Anna' it's clear a lot of time and effort went into them as they're filled with belters all over the place. Whereas, ‘Concrete Love' seems to be a safe haven for filler tracks rather than songs that get you out of your seats.

‘White Horses' is a deep throbbing tune which is filled with hazy vocals, while in ‘Small Bones' the grandstand opening poses for Fray's power voice to breathe new light into the track. 

‘Black & Blue' is an up tempo tune with a raff riff that has groovy little interludes. Splashes of Joy Division come in with the deep lying bass line that flicks Fray's elegant vocal chords along, but that punk feel is swapped for a track fuelled on buzz in ‘Next Time You Call'.

Whereas ‘Saboteur' has a real dance element to it, which makes it stand out in the LP. However, like every other track on the album, it struggles to live up to the hype that ‘Summer' caused, with his enigmatic 1960s feel. 

This LP leaves a lot to be desired. Let's just hope when they go on tour in support of ‘Concrete Love' the live version is better than what the record has delivered.


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