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20 01 2018

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Album Review: Royal Blood - self titled debut LP PDF Print E-mail
Written by Connor Mullins   
04 09 2014
ImageBursting onto the music scene - releasing the fastest selling debut rock album since Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in 2011 - Royal Blood's energetic, powerful garage blues-rock, channelling Queens of The Stone Age, has brought a fresh perspective to the mainstream charts.

Using more than one amplifier and octave pedals to create a mixture of distorted and sustained sounds, it's hard to believe that the sounds all come from a drum kit and bass. Yet, Mike Kerr has experimented with the music side so much that he's helped create this full-band sound all from amps and pounding bass notes-turned chords. A two-man show with a powerful effect.

Figure It Out is frenetic and displays mad, fast paced, but wonderful bass-drum sound that builds up to a chaotic crescendo. Better Strangers is a great album-finisher, displaying all the technical sounds created by Kerr.

Blood Hands displays a great chorus, sang with a more melodic vocal range; "But I'll kiss the ground where you kneel, till I grow my hair to my heels, splash your water, your wine, yeah, there's blood on my hands, there's blood on my hands," and provides a insight into what Kerr could create if he steps away from the Josh Homme singing-croon style on most songs. 

It's a powerful punch of a debut album, and promises a lot more.

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