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21 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
15 09 2014
ImageHere is a band who have recently shouted louder than the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and The Vaccines. Here is a band who have skanked, bopped and pogo'd their way over 4 continents, as well as numerous European festival appearances in the last few years. It would be fair to say they are fast growing and it looks like they will be huge before too long. So listen up. 

‘Whistleblower' is a chilled out LP that harbours some cool acoustic beats, and the finish product is this free flowing energetic 12 track album. But as for a specific genre, well I'm sure we've all got our opinion on where they fit in the music world, but for me it's a mixture of reggae and ska, as they incorporate essences of arguably one of the greatest ska bands of all time The Specials into this collection of music.

The LP opens with ‘Formula,' which has beautiful harmonies that helps produce this chilled out track and compels you to bop your head back and forth to the cool vibes. And these vibes are maintained throughout the second track ‘Shakey Ground', which has a faster tempo. 

ImageThe albums lead single ‘Trustworthy Rock' which is filled with lyric juxtapositions and surrounded by some cool afrobeats. Will Rendle's alluring voice includes numerous little unique drifts, which sees his voice stray from soulful singing to slight reggae raps. It's a song which marks the start of things to come and its memorable chorus, ‘la la la, la la la' will get people singing it from the shores of Singapore right to England.

And the reggae vibes that reverberated off that track are again evident in ‘Lay Me Down' and ‘I'll Always Be There (Trust Yourself)', as the band demonstrate slow beats and oozing chimes that even Bob Marley would be proud of. 

There's a madness to this four-piece who have also been compared to 80s 2-Tone band Madness, among others including The Clash, with their eccentric and special character, to produce relaxing tunes and light hearted beats in ‘Penny Eyes' and ‘Plasters'.

‘Baby' is then a track built on strong a guitar riff as lead singer Will blasts out ‘Baaabbby'. However, quite brilliantly the following track ‘MNK' harbours a real Momford and Sons folk rhythm, exaggerated in the use of the beautiful acoustic guitar.

Overall these 12 tracks lean towards reggae while at the same time they offer infectious dance rhythms.  It's a really thorough and in depth LP that explores a host of different genres leaving nothing to be desired and no stone unturned. 

Don't miss out. 

For more information on ‘Whistleblower', or if you want to see if Will and the People are playing near you this month, click here

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