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18 01 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
17 09 2014
ImageAmerican rock band Framing Hanley will be visiting our beautiful shores next month to begin a 10 date UK tour in support of their ‘The Sum of Who We Are' LP which was released earlier this year.

But ahead of that tour we caught up with the bands guitarist Kenneth Nixon for a quick chat about all things Framing Hanley...

FS: Framing Hanley, what's changed since you first started out practicing in Chris' parents garage?

KN: ​Haha, our haircuts and we have tattoos? Nah, I'd like to think a LOT has changed.  We just released our 3rd album, and it's our best work to date.​

FS: Where did the inspiration come for your third LP 'The Sum of Who We Are'?

KN: ​Well, with the album being funded entirely by our fans through Kickstarter, the title really referred to this being a collective effort; "all hands on deck" if you will.  We wouldn't have been able to record this album if not for those people.  But over the course of the 2-2 1/2 years of writing and recording this album, the songs began to be stories of our lives & what we were going through the past few years.  Stories of who we really are.​

FS: What was it like recording the album?

KN: ​Exciting...grueling...fun...depressing...reinvigorating.  All those things and so much more.  We spent so long working on this album, to ensure that we "got it right," that it was an emotional rollercoaster.  I think for a while there was an unspoken fear that we'd never be satisfied enough with this album to actually finally release it.  So when that day came, it was a huge relief.  To be able to share this album after spending so much time on it, it felt really good.​

FS: You're quite a heavy rock band, for yourselves is it more about the tune than the lyrics? Or the other way round? 

KN: ​I think it's both.  The music has to match the mood of the lyrics.  Sometimes the song is predicated off of some lyrics; sometimes it's the music that speaks to me and pulls lyrics out of me.  I think both are equally important, and we do both.​

FS: 'Criminal' was your last single but you have 'Twisted Halos' out next month, tell me a little bit about the making of the track?

KN: ​Both of those songs specifically were the very last 2 songs that we wrote and recorded for The Sum of Who We Are.  After spending almost 2 years working on the album, we were satisfied and knew we had the album we wanted to release.  We delivered it to our label Imagen Records, and they were basically like, "hey, now that we KNOW we have the album, and there's no pressure, why don't you guys head into the studio for a couple of weeks and for shits & giggles see ​what you guys can cook up?"  Well, in December of 2013 we went into the studio for I think 8 days and cooked up 2 of the best songs on the album.  It was different, knowing there was no pressure, knowing that whether or not we created something special or a throwaway song, we had an album we were very proud of.  With that pressure gone, we immediately whipped up these 2 songs with Shinedown's Eric Bass.  I couldn't be happier with the decision to go back to the studio.

FS: For 'The Sum of Who We Are' LP, you changed your record label, why was that? Are you pleased with the new one?  

KN: ​Originally we were gonna release this album without a label.  When Imagen Records approached us, and we realized that these guys were actually FANS of Framing Hanley, not just looking to make a buck, that made all the difference.  We felt that with their plan and their team, joining forces with Imagen put us in a much better position for this album to reach more ears and ultimately be a bigger success.​

FS: What can fans expect from you on your forthcoming UK tour?

KN: ​Energy. Laughs. Rock n roll.  Listen, every time we come to the UK & Ireland we have an effin blast, so I don't expect this to be any different.  Expect to have fun at our show.  Because we'll bust our asses on that stage to make sure you do.​

FS: And then finally what are your plans for after the tour?

KN: ​We'll probably take a week or so off for Thanksgiving here in the States, but other than that, we have plans to just tour relentlessly.  When you sit at home working on an album for as long as we spent on this one, getting to go and play live again is a release.  It's the reward.​

For more information on their tour, click here

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