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18 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
19 09 2014
ImageThe Cornerstones are an interesting bunch. Following the release of their second LP ‘Stand In Line' we've realised just exactly what this band are about. 

Spanning 12 tracks, it explores real Britpop and Mod-Rock vibes, which just screams out The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Who. But let's remember who exactly this four-piece from Uxbridge are; they are The Cornerstones...

The LP's opening track ‘Drag me Down', goes straight to the heart of what they're trying to pull off, reliving the musical movements that have gone by in the past. ‘Stand in Line' is an LP that improves as each track comes and goes, while their influences are burning throughout.  

Tracks like ‘In My Mind' and ‘End Of Everything', throw out Goo Goo Dolls, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes sounds. While ‘End Of Everything' leans more towards the American rock band The Strokes as it possess electronic flashes. ‘Ground' has an extremely old school feel; but it's a real thing of beauty as it harbours some alluring harmonies that get you caught up. It's haunting but it's like a moorish bag of sweets, you just can't say no.

The contemporary comparisons are good, but The Cornerstones scream a strong 60s vibe as well. I'd even argue that ‘Erased' is has an iconic Bob Dylan type feel. But that aside the rock tinges of the 60s live on through ‘End of Everything' and ‘Trouble'.

I've always like a harmonica and The Cornerstones don't let me down and it makes a superb return in ‘Try To Hide', as they speak about a relationship in tatters. It's an emotive track that really pulls on the heartstrings.

However, as soon as the iconic era of the 60s came in, it diminishes in a flash as ‘Smack Me In The Face' sees the 90s indie effect return. It's a sublime ballad which looks after a beautiful jingle from a tambourine. While ‘This Is How it Ends' is a catchy track that compels you to sing a long and even toe tap...

Overall ‘Stand In Line' is a superb LP. It builds on from a range of genres with faded vocals that work on tightly strung chords that get you up on your feet. 

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