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21 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
25 10 2014
ImageThe Sanguine EP is the third in a trilogy of EP releases by The Little Comets, before they drop their highly anticipated third LP Hope Is Just A State Of Mind. However, that isn't due until February 16 next year via The Smallest Label, so until then we'll have to enjoy this four track release. 

And enjoy we did, well I did, when I had a couple of listens. This trio formed of Robert, Michael and Matt, have been able to touch on topics that aren't usually discussed in mainstream music; a brave move on their part. But I like it. Staying true to their roots has to be one of their admirable qualities that make you adhere to them. Not budging just to suit the tastes of some sad saps.

It's a tenacious EP that spans four tracks and hones in on issues from the release of fatherhood in Ex-Cathedral right through to assisted suicide in The Assisted - can you see what they've done there? Joking aside, they've combine those rather delicate issues with sweet sounds. Almost emotive sounds that is really alluring to the ears. 

Their draw sucks you in and it makes you see a warm sense of vibrancy. The other two tracks on the EP follow in similar fashion. Firstly, Creeping Up Appearances, which is a real melodic effort with some soulful vocals that offer a sense of beauty. While the other track Cover Your Rain runs parallel to the previous track with its soft touches and sparks here and there with a beautiful heartfelt message at the core. 

Sanguine means to be optimistic and positive and this EP is exactly that. It makes you realise that you can even shake apples from even the most ugly of trees.  


Release date: November 3, 2015

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