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18 01 2018

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An Interview with Walking On Cars at Birmingham's O2 Academy, November 15, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sam Lightle   
18 11 2014

ImageWalking On Cars are a band on the up. Their new EP, Hand In Hand burst onto the scene earlier this year and that's now being supported by a tour alongside indie-pop band, The Kooks. So before their appearance at Birmingham's O2 Academy on Saturday night (November 15), Floatation Suite's Sam Lightle went down to have a chat with Walking On Cars to see what the craic is...

FS: So what's been happening lately with you guys?

Sorcha: Well we're on tour with The Kooks at the moment. I think this is our seventh or eighth date with them and we've kind of travelled quite a lot of the UK already - places like Aberdeen last week.

Dan: Croydon...

Sorcha: Manchester...

Dan: Leicester, Sheffield, we've been all over the place really.

FS: What's it like travelling to all those different places?

Sorcha: It's actually great being able to see all these places because obviously where we come from we come from a small town called Dingle on the South West coast of Ireland. It's quite different here because you go from a city of three million to another city of like two million and it's kind of interesting seeing all the different places.

FS: What's it like travelling with The Kooks as well? They've been on the music scene for a good decade now, so they've built up a pretty good reputation...

Dan: They're really nice guys. All their crew and everyone are really easy to work with and it's great because we get to see them play every night...

Sorcha: (laughs) yeah...

FS: (Laughs) Have you played in England prior to this tour?

Sorcha: We did a couple of dates in London in September and played with The Script in Manchester, but other than that this is kind of our first proper tour round the country.

FS: Oh right, cool. You've got your new EP out Hand In Hand. How does that differ from your previous EP As We Fly South?

Sorcha: I suppose the production is quite different. The songs are essentially different - although they have the same elements to them - I think just the production say the drums that would be the biggest difference.

FS: Cool. I love the piano in the single Hand In hand. I think it brings a real classical and quite a soulful soothing side to the music Walking On Cars produces...

Sorcha: I don't know it's kind of strange for a band to have a piano driven sound so I don't know does it set us apart? It's just kind of what we do (laughs) and we hope people like it (laughs).

FS: It's quite a cool and unique twist. And I think that's similar in your forthcoming single ‘Always Be With You' due on December 8, 2014...

Sorcha: It's an emotional and powerful song. It starts off quite quiet and it's probably the most minimal song we've done so far. It's a bit more stripped back then other songs we've recorded but when you just rock into the chorus it's really kind of ‘oh yeah' we're here and we love playing it.

FS: Nice one! I understand you have recorded the album as well, is that correct?

Sorcha: Yeah, it's kind of like 70 to 80 per cent recorded. We're still working on it. You know a few tweaks and changes to be made and possibly more songs to be added.

FS: So when would you say you are hoping to get that done by?

Sorcha: Mid 2015 so probably like the summer time.

Dan: It would be nice to get it out in time for the festival season.

FS: Cool - so with that in mind what are your plans going forward into 2015?

Sorcha: It kind of depends really because we have the single coming out on December 8, and if that goes well then you don't really know what's going to happen. You kind of just have to take every step as it goes. Hopefully we'll be doing more gigs in the UK because not many people know us here so it's important for us to get ourselves out there and just playing in front of people because the live show is a big part of who we are and it's important to get that across to people.

FS: That's really interesting. So how would you say you're music changes from the record to the live performance?

Sorcha: I think our live songs are a bit heavier then what they come across on the records. However, it wasn't necessarily an intentional thing it just kind of happened. But I think every band is the same - their live sound is never going to be the exact same to the record because on your record you are trying to portray the energy that you have live but you are trying to do it in a different way.

FS: Yeah that's cool - with the album will it include music that's similar to what you've got out already or will there be some surprises?

Paul: In theory it's track by track really.

FS: So there's no main theme?

Sorcha: No, all the songs are quite different...

Paul: We can't really control what we write - in a way it just kind of happens. We just let it flow in its own direction like we have some songs that are really heavy and other times that are really happy and some songs that are almost like urban almost. It's kind of weird.

FS: And is that the image you are trying to portray - almost experimental?

Sorcha: It's not an intentional thing. It's kind of say for example for ‘Always Be With You', we were listening to this CD in the van on our way to rehearsal and it was this band that we had gone to see the previous night and they were kind of...

Dan: Rap, R&B, Reggae...

Sorhca: Yeah and we went straight into the rehearsal room and ‘Always Be With You', came out of nowhere. Like Evan was playing this funky beat on the drums and then I had been working around a couple of different chord progressions and it just came out so that's sometimes how it happens. You've been listening to something. You don't realise how much of an influence it is to you and all of a sudden you're like where did that come from? (Laughs).

FS: That's brilliant. Thank you for your time. Good luck tonight, looking forward to seeing you guys live.

Sorcha: Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.

Dan: Thanks.

Paul: No problem take care.

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