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20 01 2018

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Noel Gallagher wants big bucks for Oasis reunion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sam Lightle   
23 02 2015
ImageI'll reform Oasis for "half a billion"', Noel Gallagher has announced. 

With the release of his second solo album Chasing Yesterday, next month - Noel is never too far away from a question or two about the potential of a much anticipated Oasis reunion. 

This time it was Vulture, who posed the question to Gallagher and he said: "If somebody puts that on the table, I'll pack my bags in the morning and say, "How many gigs do you want?" 

"The thing that slightly annoys me is and I know I'm the only one doing interviews people assume it's up to me.

"Let's say I get up tomorrow morning, have a stretch, and say to my wife, "How about this Oasis thing?" It's not up to me. Who knows if Liam wants to do it? He probably does, but I don't know. It's not on my radar at all. I'm very happy with what I'm doing."

So while we scrape together the pennies and dream of an Oasis reunion, that may or may never happen - Noel appeared on BBC's Match of the Day 2 last night. 

The guitarist was invited on the show as a guest pundit where he spoke about Sunday's action, Spurs v West Ham, Everton v Leicester and Southampton v Liverpool. He also fronted a feature on his City's match against Newcastle.

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