21 02 2018

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Web Links If you're a regular reader of Floatation Suite, you'll find these links useful. And even if you're not, click on them anyway.
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Listen to our podcasts, or submit your tracks for us to listen to, if you fancy.
     Our Last.fm page
Befriend us on last.fm and see what we're listening to at any time. We make no apologies for listening to Take That.
     Floatation Suite on Twitter
We're so up to date and that we even have Twitter as well. Go on, follow our EVERY SINGLE MOVE. If you like that is.
     Our Facebook Page
If you're looking to keep up to date with the daily goings on at Floatation Suite, 'like' us on Facebook. You know you want to.
     Hilarity Bites
Hilarity Bites host shows throughout the North-East. With a focus on always presenting the highest standard of comedian, they have previously hosted some of the biggest names of recent years such as John Bishop, Lucy Porter and Kevin Bridges.
     The Laughing Penguin
The Laughing Penguin are Newcastle’s newest, friendliest and most hilarious stand-up comedy club, presenting top performers at affordable, fantastic comedy nights around the city. One of the cheapest comedy clubs, but also one of the best.
     The Laughter Surgery
The North East's most comfortable and civilised comedy night, featuring top comics from around the world. It's very very comfy as well, actually. No waiting endlessly for drinks or standing knee deep on sticky pub carpets.
     The Grinning Idiot
The Grinning Idiot are a comedy club based in the North East. Over the past few years, they've built a reputation as one of the best comedy clubs in the region, hosting top acts such as Adam Bloom, Reginald Hunter & Michael McIntyre. Check them out.
     Jigsaw Lounge
Possibly the finest website in the world (apart from this one of course). Featuring flash fiction, film reviews and much more.
     Indy Media
Independent, non-corporate news from journalists around the globe, telling you what's really going on in the world you live in. Links to indymedia sites in over 150 places, see news as it happens and before 'the man' gets his dirty hands on it.
     Too Far North
Too Far North are a collection of music addicts who promote aural entertainment at various venues throughout the North East. If you're looking for a good night out watching great bands sweat out catchy rhythms then check out their events section.
     The World Headquarters
A legendary institution in our part of the world, you really ought to try it.
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